Welcome To Femori

Femori caters to the aspirations, dreams and goals of women. As a platform it helps them achieve their goals by connecting them with the women who have walked in their shoes and have something to say. We aim to support the women who are doing wonderful and beautiful things with their life, and assist them on their path to success.

On our platform, we offer diverse, fresh, and engaging articles that can breathe life and relevance into every woman's spirit. We hope our articles will awaken your soul and tug at your consciousness, helping you break-through all of the constraints that previously held you back.

Here at Femori, we want you to feel good, not just in your skin but in everything you do!

Come join our trusted community whom you can count on for guidance and a bit of laughter in this constantly changing, fast-paced world.

What is Femori?

Femori is a platform that gives a voice to every women who wishes to be heard. We aim at helping women achieve their aspirations, dreams and goals by connecting them with those who have walked in their shoes.Here we offerfresh, diverse and engaging articles that can breathe life and relevance into every woman's spirit. We are a modern-day version of consciousness raising groups who believe that, given the chance, all women have the potential to transform every impossible situation and dream into a reality.

With the help of Femori, you can:

  • Browse through our given category of dreams or create your own, for others to join you on it
  • Form groups with your followers and chat with them about your dreams
  • Network with like-minded women around you
  • Contact experts who can help and guide you on how to achieve your dreams
  • Meet Angels or Become an Angel. Angels are women who provide various tools/opportunities of support to other women who want to achieve their dreams
  • You can put your own deal or browse deals/events from a long list of 20 categories ranging from Finance to Adventure sports to Parenting
  • Rate your Deals, mark your favourite deals and give feedback on the same

At Femori, we believe that all of you are Femoritas. A women's community platform where women are free to speak their minds and follow their hearts. Here, you'll get support, resources, opportunities and interactions.

We advocate a holistic approach to social change which honours your dreams and loves you the most for your wild spirit. We want you to be proud of all you've achieved and catch yourself when you find yourself apologizing for your own accomplishments. Come dive into the stories of our Women and their drive to build, speak, cook, dance, design, dance, teach, edit and publish these stories.

Time to make your move! Go and interact with these women and let them know your views.You can support each other in this journey where you have come to discover and achieve your goals. You can also cheer someone up by giving a shout out to their dreams!

So, get going and be a Femorita!